Our goal with Chuchulu is to bring objects that we like from Japan to a wider worldwide audience. As part of that objective, I wanted to also show you some of our favorite lesser known spots through a series of blog posts.

As the first installment, I will start with our personal favorite picnic spot: the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum (東京都庭園美術館).

Less than 10 minutes walk from Meguro station on the Yamanote line, it is in a very central location but never crowded. The museum is on the grounds of the residence of a prince of the Imperial family who, after studying in France in the 1920’s, had his home built in Art Deco style. The setting itself is beautiful enough to appreciate, with many custom glassworks by Rene Lalique, regardless of the current exhibition on display.

But what makes it one of our favorite spot is the garden, which you can access separately from the exhibition itself with a 200¥ ticket. The wide grass areas, shaded with tall cedar trees, is perfect for a picnic. We love to grab a coffee from the small roaster across the street, sit down on the grass and enjoy a quiet time reading a book.

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