This past week we went on a trip to 多治見市 (Tajimi city) in Gifu prefecture for a visit of the workshop that makes our tile earrings line.

Tajimi is the bedrock of the tile industry in Japan and has a thousand years old history of ceramic production, known as 美濃焼 (minoyaki). As a side note, there is a very nice mosaic tile museum in the city which is worth the visit if you’re in the region.

Our supplier has been producing tiles for the housing industry since 60 years ago. Suzuki-san, the grandson of the founder, took over the company some years ago and decided to branch out into more artistic tile products, including delicate accessories.

The earrings and various other art products are pressed, glazed and hand-painted on-site before being sent to an offsite furnace for firing.

It’s always a great experience to visit business partners on their place of work, see each step of the process that goes into the making their products and discuss with them ideas for the future.

Thank you Suzuki-san!

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