So while we were in Tajimi to visit our friend’s tile accessories workshop, we also checked out the sights in town. We were most impressed by the Tajimi Mosaic Tile museum which you should definitely visit if you are in the area.

The visit starts on the top fourth floor with a opened roof room with walls covered in square tile mosaics, some of them very large. It’s quite an impressive sight and most people – us included – spend a long time taking pictures of every detail.

Then the floor below explains the history of tile making in the region and gives example of different styles of tiles which were popular across the 20th century in Japan. Fans of the Showa era will feel a rush of nostalgia looks at some of the displays.

The second floor has example of the current production of tile companies in Tajimi, a show room of sorts. Some of the more artful examples are actually products of our partner who’s main business is still tiles for home construction.

Finally, you finish the visit on the first floor with a museum shop selling tiles of various shape and color by the kilo to do your own mosaics. There is also a classroom where teachers lead lessons to help you build your own little mosaic in half an hour.

All in all, it was a really fun one-hour visit. We can also recommend the little cafe outside which serves really good coffee and croissants sandwiches.

Gifu has lots to offer !

Contact info:

2082-5, Kasahara-cho, Tajimi-city, Gifu
507-0901 JAPAN
TEL +81 572.43.5101 FAX +81 572.43.5114

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