Our Materials

We use various woods in our bracelets that are a staple of traditional Japanese Juzu making:

Shitan – 紫檀

Known in the west as red sandalwood or indian rosewood, it has a very fragrant and dense grain with a deep red hue. It has been used for centuries to make fine cabinetry, buddhist statues and jewelery in China and Japan. It’s hardness and inherent flavor makes it a favorite for use in Juzu as holding it against skin gives it a deep lustre without damaging it.

Ryokudan – 緑檀

Also known as green sandalwood, it has similar properties to Shitan, also with a strong fragrance, but with a green hue.

Kokutan – 黒檀

The most well known in the west, ebony. With a very dark and almost black hue, it is also denser and heavier than the previous two woods. It is often used in soroban (abacus) and heftier juzu bracelets as it is more shock resistant.

ŌTAMA Kokutan
ŌTAMA Kokutan

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